University of Pittsburgh
February 24, 2009

Pitt's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs to Provide Students Access to Cutting-Edge Intelligence Gathering System

Pitt is first U.S. university to implement the technology into its educational program
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PITTSBURGH-Intelligence agencies across the globe face the daunting challenge of extracting subtle connections from countless sources of information. In an effort to provide students with hands-on experience with the latest information-gathering technology, the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) has added Palantir Government-a network-analysis software program designed to organize counter terrorism and cyber security intelligence-to its security and intelligence studies curriculum.

Developed by Palantir Technologies, Palantir Government has been widely used within U.S. intelligence, defense, and law enforcement communities. The program can pull information from databases, spread sheets, word documents, XML files, and virtually any other format and draw conclusions from the data. The system has been used to monitor the activities of suspected terror cells as well as fight cyber terrorism by enabling in-depth analysis of potential threats. It is designed to integrate with all other data resources in an intelligence-gathering enterprise and amplify an organization's analytical capabilities.

James T. Beiber, an IT specialist and adjunct professor of cyber intelligence security at Pitt, says the installation of Palantir Government into GSPIA's curriculum will give students an invaluable opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology while still in college. "Experience with this type of software provides students with a competitive advantage when seeking employment in the intelligence, defense, law enforcement, or homeland security communities," said Beiber. "GSPIA's intelligence program coupled with real-world applications prepares students to hit the ground running upon graduation."

GSPIA has made the Palantir software available for students in its Master of Public and International Affairs program specializing in security and intelligence studies. Courses in which the platform has been implemented include Introduction to Cyber Crimes and Criminal Operations in the Cyber World.