University of Pittsburgh
August 21, 2008

Pitt Presents Free Latin American Film Series Beginning Aug. 27

Contact:  412-624-4147

PITTSBURGH-Latin American film has a long history of examining social and political issues related to the diverse countries of the region. A free public fall 2008 Latin American film series titled "Historias Mínimas" (Short Stories) will take place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays from Aug. 27 through Dec. 10 in the University of Pittsburgh's Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, 650 Schenley Dr. The series will include a selection of internationally acclaimed films dealing with emerging social issues.

"This series pays tribute to the talent and imagination of those involved in every role of Latin American cinema production," says Martha Mantilla, librarian for the Eduardo Lozano Latin American Collection in Pitt's Hillman Library and the film series' program coordinator. "Latin American filmmakers demonstrate a constant desire for innovation in the filmmaking process, and new strategies are constantly being developed to overcome production obstacles, particularly financial ones. Consequently, filmgoers will find that Latin American films do not employ many special effects. Instead, the medium relies more upon the strength of screenplay, strong acting skills, and the effective use of less expensive technical resources-natural light, handheld cameras, and, in some cases, video instead of film."

The series is sponsored by Pitt's Center for Latin American Studies, a component of the University Center for International Studies; Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures in the School of Arts and Sciences; and Eduardo Lozano Latin American Collection. All of the films have English subtitles.

The film series schedule follows:

Aug. 27

"Historias Mínimas," directed by Carlos Sorín, 2002, with a 6:45 p.m. opening reception preceding the screening;

Sept. 3

"Sub Terra" (Underground), directed by Marcelo Ferrari, 2003;

Sept. 10

"Habana Blues," directed by Benito Zambrano, 2005;

Sept. 17

"Casa de Areia" (House of Sand), directed by Andrucha Waddington, 2005;

Sept. 24

"El Método" (The Method), directed by Marcelo Piñeyro, 2005;

Oct. 1

"Valentín," directed by Alejandro Agresti, 2002;

Oct. 8

"25 Watts," directed by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, 2002;

Oct. 15

"Temporada de Patos" (Duck Season), directed by Fernando Eimbcke, 2004;

Oct. 22

"Lista de Espera" (Waiting List), directed by Juan Carlos Tabío, 2000;

Oct. 29

"Eu tu Eles" (Me, You, Them), directed by Andrucha Waddington, 2000;

Nov. 5

"Las Doce Sillas" (The 12 Chairs), directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, 1962;

Nov. 12

"Cenizas del Paraíso" (Ashes of Paradise), directed by Marcelo Piñeyro, 1997;

Nov. 19 - TBA;

Nov. 26 - TBA;

Dec. 3 - TBA; and

Dec. 10

"Cleopatra," directed by Eduardo Mignona, 2003, with a 6:45 p.m. closing reception preceding the screening

Some films may not be appropriate for young audiences. For more information, including descriptions of the films, visit the Latin American Film Series Web site at