University of Pittsburgh
October 15, 2019

Pitt Addresses AAU Campus Climate Survey Results


PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh is one of 33 universities that participated in the voluntary Association of American Universities Campus Climate Survey of undergraduate and graduate students on sexual assault and sexual misconduct.


The Pitt results, which represent the input of 15% of its students across its five campuses, are now publicly available.The results clearly show an unacceptable prevalence of sexual misconduct and assault, both at Pitt and across the nation.


In his message to the University community, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher today called for a “community-driven response” that radically rethinks sexual assault and misconduct prevention and asks staff, faculty and students to help ensure that everyone feels safe, respected and supported. 


“The sheer scale of this issue – which extends well beyond campus communities and into society at large – necessitates a bigger and broader response than we have enacted to date,” said Gallagher.

“To advance this effort, the University will supply the necessities: resources, talent and institutional support. And we will call on our deep bench of subject matter experts, innovators, researchers and student leaders to propose, develop, modify and scale evidence-based prevention-focused strategies that work.”


In his message, Gallagher announced that, among other measures, Pitt will create dedicated funding streams to energize grassroots solutions from faculty researchers, student groups and University staff. 


The University community is encouraged to visit this page to share information and ideas, ask questions and explore ways to get involved.