University of Pittsburgh
February 3, 2011

University of Pittsburgh Students Urged to Celebrate Responsibly

Pitt-sponsored celebration to be held on Bigelow Boulevard between Fifth and Forbes avenues following Sunday’s Super Bowl

Robert Hill


Cell: 412-736-9532

PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh will be hosting a celebration following the Super Bowl on Feb. 6, to be held on Bigelow Boulevard between Forbes and Fifth avenues. The festivities will commence immediately following the end of the football game and continue for one hour. 

During this week leading up to the Super Bowl, Pitt students are being informed about the seriousness of inappropriate celebrations and possible consequences, as well as being given clearly defined ways of celebrating responsibly. The University is using a variety of communication tools, including: 

•     Two videos by Pitt student leadership posted on YouTube at and and on Facebook at!/upitt;

•     Full-page premium ads placed in the University student newspaper—The Pitt News—on three days during this week leading up to the Super Bowl;

•     Letters to the editor by various members of the University community published in The Pitt News;

•     An e-mail blast cosigned by the dean of students and Student Government Board president to all undergraduate students;

•     Celebrate Responsibly flyers at strategic locations on campus and on shuttle buses;

•     Videos and flyers on Pitt Digital TVs;

•     An e-mail blast encouraging students to celebrate responsibly from Pitt’s parent liaison to more than 4,000 members of Pitt’s Panther Parents Association;

•     Text messages to 3,000 students who are part of the Campus Connect system, 84 percent of whom are freshmen; and

•     A letter to residence hall students outlining student code violations.