University of Pittsburgh
November 1, 2001

University of Pittsburgh Statement Concerning Sidewalk Vendors

Contact:  412-624-4147

As previously announced, the University of Pittsburgh is reviewing its policies and procedures that guide the conduct of the program through which Pitt authorizes day vendors to sell products and services on University property. When the review is completed and new policies and procedures are established, selected vendors will be permitted to return to campus and sell goods and services pursuant to new guidelines.

As Pitt continues to encourage commercial activities that satisfy the consumer demands of the University community, the University will move forward under the highest standards of safety, good business practices, and fairness to Oakland area neighborhood merchants. Among the principles the University will follow in establishing new policies and procedures are these:

• Vendors will comply with requirements for appropriate insurance coverage and licenses;

• Vendor activity will not conflict with Pitt's contracts with suppliers of products and services;

• Vendor activity will be conducted in an attractive physical milieu appropriate to an urban university campus;

• Merchandise will meet minimum standards of quality;

• Vendors will offer products and services that are of express interest to students; and

• The overall benefit to the University must be maximized.

Without question, the review will produce a more orderly process through which day vendor activity will take place on Pitt's campus; the City of Pittsburgh recently completed a similar process, with positive results. And the review will produce an outcome that will be more satisfying to the members of the University community, the participating vendors, and the greater Oakland community.