University of Pittsburgh
June 23, 1998


Contact:  412-624-4147

PITTSBURGH, June 24 -- The following University of Pittsburgh faculty are available for interviews regarding a number of angles surrounding President Clinton's historic trip to China this week:

Patricia Stranahan, professor and director of Pitt's Asian Studies program, can talk about the history of the Communist Party in China. The Asian Studies Program serves as a national resource center and is among the best and most comprehensive in the country in research, public service and teaching about East Asia. Stranahan can be reached at 412-648-7370 or through Ron Cichowicz at 412-624-4007.

Thomas G. Rawski, professor of economics, says he hopes Mr. Clinton's visit prods the administration to articulate a coherent policy towards the People's Republic. An observer of China's economy for three decades, Rawski is available after July 3, when Clinton returns, to discuss the implications of the visit on long-term changes in China's economy and U.S.-China relations. Rawski can be reached at 412-648-7062, at or through Sharon Blake at 412-624-4364.

Pat K. Chew, professor of law, is an innovative and productive scholar and teacher whose expertise includes corporate law, international business, dispute resolution, and race relations and the law. Her work in Chinese business laws has been published in the international law journals at Yale, Virginia, and Texas. Her pioneering work on Asian Americans and the law has been widely cited, and she has made numerous presentations in the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. Chew can be reached at 412-648-1387, at or through Trish White at 412-624-9101.

Linda Penkower, professor of Religious Studies, can provide general background information about Buddhism and all Chinese religions, social issues and family-related issues. She is available at 412-624-2277 or through Sharon Blake at 412-624-4364.

Montgomery Broaded, coordinator of Chinese Studies and assistant professor of sociology, can discuss social and education issues. He is available at 412-648-7426 or through Ron Cichowicz at 412-624-4007.