University of Pittsburgh
April 15, 2017

University of Pittsburgh Chancellor and Chancellor Emeritus React to the Passing of Philanthropist Henry L. Hillman


PITTSBURGH—University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and Chancellor Emeritus Mark A. Nordenberg have issued the following statements reacting to the passing of businessman and philanthropist Henry L. Hillman:

Statement from Pitt Chancellor Patrick Gallagher:           

Pittsburgh is a city famously reinvented through innovation and ideas—and forever shaped by the generosity of its many philanthropic foundations. For those two reasons, Henry Hillman should be considered one of the great architects behind the reinvention of Pittsburgh. A pioneering business leader who had an abiding love for his city and a commitment to improving it, Henry and his beloved wife Elsie forever changed Pittsburgh and all of us privileged enough to live and work here. 

Perhaps nowhere is this powerful transformation more evident than at the University of Pittsburgh. The Hillman Library, Hillman Cancer Center, Hillman Fellowship for Innovative Cancer Research, and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute—just to name a few of many examples—have flourished as a result of Henry Hillman’s great generosity and vision. And, as a university, we are honored to play a part in extending his remarkable legacy.  

On behalf of the Pitt community, I extend my sincerest and deepest condolences to the Hillman family and members of both the Hillman Company and the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.  

Statement from Mark A. Nordenberg, Pitt Chancellor Emeritus:

The positive presence of Henry Hillman has long been one of the distinguishing features, and distinctive assets, of Pittsburgh.  As a civic leader, he combined vision, focus and exceptional powers of persuasion to move key initiatives forward.  His impact as a philanthropist can be seen in his extraordinarily generous contributions to so many worthy causes that have made this region a far better place.  Less visible, but also very important, were the countless acts of kindness that he extended to other people, each and every day.  In virtually everything that he did, Henry Hillman stood as a shining example of human goodness.