University of Pittsburgh
February 25, 2003

University of Pittsburgh Calendar of Events, March 8-14

Contact:  412-624-4147

February 26, 2003

The following events at the University of Pittsburgh are open to the public:


3/10 The Department of History of Art & Architecture offers as part of its Fall Colloquium a presentation by Pitt Professor Wu Xiaolong, who will give a talk titled "The Fourteenth Year of King Cuo of the Zhongshan State: Historical Events and Artistic Styles in Provincial China." Noon, Room 203, Frick Fine Arts Building. For more information, call


3/13 Pitt's Asian Studies Center presents as part of the Pittsburgh Contemporary Writers Series poets D.A. Powell, Larissa Szporluk, and Kevin Young. Panel discussion: 3 p.m., Room 501, Cathedral of Learning. Reading:

8:30 p.m., Room 125, Frick Fine Arts Auditorium. For more information, call 412-648-7370.

3/14 Pitt's Center for Philosophy of Science presents University of California at Irvine Professor Penelope Maddy, who will give a talk titled "Naturalism." 3:30 p.m., Room 817R, Cathedral of Learning. For more information, call 412-624-1052.