University of Pittsburgh
August 19, 2001



August 20, 2001

PITTSBURGH—The University Center for International Studies (UCIS) at the University of Pittsburgh has introduced a Global Studies certificate program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary set of courses on global themes.

The University Center for International Studies is well known for its area studies centers, which have been designated by the federal government as National Resource Centers and are among only a handful of such centers in the nation. These include the Center for East Asian Studies, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Center for Russian and East European Studies, and the Center for West European Studies. In addition, UCIS also sponsors an undergraduate certificate in African Studies.

"We are very proud to complement these area studies centers with this new Global Studies program," said William I. Brustein, director of UCIS and acting director of the Global Studies program. "This new program will appeal to those whose interests lie beyond the world regions represented by UCIS as well as those interested in issues that are global in nature."

The Global Studies program is designed to provide students in any school of the University with a "global competence" – the ability to work effectively in different international settings, an awareness of the major currents of global changes and the issues arising from such changes, knowledge of global organizations and business activities, the capacity for effective communications across cultural and linguistic boundaries, and an adaptability to diverse cultures.

The certificate in Global Studies serves as a supplement to a departmental major.

Thematic concentrations offered through Global Studies include sustainable development, globalized economy and global governance, changing identities in a global world, and technology and society. Participants are encouraged to enroll in a study or service abroad program, which can be made available through Pitt's Study Abroad Office, the Global Service Center housed in the Office of Student Services, or the college of Arts and Sciences Internship Office.

"We're very excited to introduce Global Studies to the Pitt campus," said Brustein. "The University does so much already to bring international programs and training to students – now a graduating student can have formal proof that he or she understands how globalization affects technology, trade, politics, and culture."

Interested applicants can contact the Global Studies Program by phone,

412/624-2918; fax, 412/624-4672; or e-mail, More information can be obtained through the web site, at