University of Pittsburgh
August 19, 2001

PITT SCHOLARS HEAD TO PYMATUNING TO EXPLORE NATURE AND INTELLECTUALISM University of Pittsburgh Honors College to hold Scholars' Retreat at Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology

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August 17, 2001

PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh Honors College will hold Scholars' Retreat 2001, an academic and social event, from Tuesday through Thursday, Aug. 21 to 23, at the University's lakeside field station at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology in Linesville, PA, for incoming freshmen scholars and "Elder Statesfolk," sophomore mentors who attended last year as freshman.

"While offering an intellectual introduction to college that addresses a number of issues of importance to able and motivated students, we also seek to provide an avenue for kindred spirits to get to know each other," said Alec Stewart, dean of the Honors College.

Freshmen invited to the retreat are Chancellor's Scholars, Helen Faison Scholars, Fessenden-Trott Scholars, Robert LaVelle Scholars, Donald Henderson Scholars, Adeena Davis Scholars, and those Honors Tuition Scholars who interviewed for the Chancellor's Scholarship, all from a wide variety of backgrounds, intended majors, and schools. The purpose of combining these diverse groups is to open lines of communication between students who, in the past, have had little contact with each other.

As a means of introduction, the Honors College hosts a social for participants the evening before departure. Two books, The Two Cultures, by C. P. Snow, and In Defense of Elitism, by William A. Henry III, are included in the invitation packet that students receive during the summer to prepare them for retreat discussions.

Upon arrival at Pymatuning, Gail Johnston, director of Pymatuning, will present the history and an overview of the laboratory. While there, students not only will have the opportunity for intellectual discussion, but also will have time to enjoy their surroundings and play outdoor sports like Frisbee, volleyball, or softball. In addition, an optional service project, spillway cleanup, is on the agenda.

The retreat is free to participants through the support of the R.K. Mellon Foundation.