University of Pittsburgh
September 28, 2018

Pitt Releases Draft of Campus Master Plan, Invites Stakeholder Input


Joe Miksch


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PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh today released a draft of its campus master plan, which will serve as a framework for long-term campus enhancements. This draft plan, in development for more than a year, has been shaped by input from Pitt faculty, students and staff as well as local community members and partners.

During Friday’s public meeting of the University’s Board of Trustees, Pitt Chancellor Patrick Gallagher invited interested stakeholders to view this draft plan and again share their comments and perspectives via an online comment tool or at one of several scheduled information sessions in October.  

The draft plan, as it currently stands, is limited to existing University properties and has three broad aims: enhance the student experience; fuel the institution’s accelerated excellence in research and innovation; and strengthen community partnerships. These efforts will outline a vision for realizing potential infrastructure, transportation, student housing and aesthetic goals. 

“We began this process by collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders,” Chancellor Gallagher said. “Now, with a draft plan in place, we are again turning to our community members and community partners for their input and ideas. It is an inspiring and exciting process and one that, we hope, will propel both the University of Pittsburgh and the City of Pittsburgh toward an even bolder and brighter future.” 

Pitt has created a website to introduce the draft plan, gather feedback and share information about upcoming information sessions, which are open to members of the community — both within the University and throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

“A campus master plan is a road map for the future. It is a crucial tool in ensuring that short-term projects are working in conjunction with long-term plans and goals two or even three decades into the future. A good campus plan builds in flexibility, it accommodates change and it is also responsive to the greater community in which it resides,” said Greg Scott, who serves as Pitt’s senior vice chancellor for business and operations and has overseen the draft plan’s evolution to date. “As Pitt’s upward trajectory continues, this plan will help the University excel academically, lead in research and innovation and strengthen its ties with the community we call home.”


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