University of Pittsburgh
June 18, 2000

Pitt Professors Honored for Green Steel Invention

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PITTSBURGH, June 19 -- Two University of Pittsburgh engineering professors will be honored by the Air and Waste Management Association on Sunday, June 18, for their invention of an environmentally friendly "green" steel.

Anthony J. DeArdo, professor of materials science and engineering, and

C. Issac Garcia, associate research professor of materials science and engineering, will receive the J. Deane Sensenbaugh Award at the Association's 93rd Annual Conference and Exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah.

DeArdo, of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and Garcia, of Churchill, Pennsylvania, created the "green" steel by substituting tin for lead, a known toxin. Lead is added to some types of steel to make it easier to machine, or cut and shape.

The new alloy shares the same basic properties as leaded steel, but without the danger to people and the environment. It also reduces the need for expensive environmental controls for manufacturers and machine shops alike.