University of Pittsburgh
May 8, 2006

Pitt Professor Says Hayden Is Just What Intelligence Community Needs

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PITTSBURGH--University of Pittsburgh Professor Donald Goldstein says Gen. Michael V. Hayden is just what the U.S. intelligence community needs. Comparing the current state of intelligence agencies in the United States to the decentralized state of the military branches before the formation of the Department of Defense, Goldstein calls Hayden-with both his military and civilian backgrounds-a perfect fit to give the Central Intelligence Agency an overhaul and coordinate intelligence matters so that an intelligence failure such as that of Sept. 11 does not occur again.

Goldstein is well-acquainted with Hayden's policies: As a member of the National Security Council, Hayden briefed Goldstein's classes on the intelligence community a half-dozen times.

Goldstein, a professor of public and international affairs in Pitt's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, served in the Air Force for 22 years. He retired as a colonel in 1977 and has taught at the Air Force Academy, Air War College, and the Air Command and Staff College. While his primary research has been on World War II, Goldstein also teaches classes on intelligence, security policy, American military history, and defense policy.