University of Pittsburgh
November 29, 2001

Pitt Issues New Guidelines for Outside Vendors

Contact:  412-624-4147

PITTSBURGH––Pursuant to its announcement earlier this month that it is reviewing policies and procedures relating to vendors selling products and services on campus property, the University of Pittsburgh this afternoon issued a new set of guidelines, effective immediately.

A committee chaired by Pitt Associate Vice Chancellor Eli Shorak developed the guidelines, which are part of a continuing effort to ensure the highest standards of safety, good business practices, and fairness relating to outside vendors operating on the grounds of Pitt.

Vendors wishing to sell products and services who are able to comply with the new guidelines may pick up application forms at Pitt's Panther Service Center in Litchfield Towers Lobby. Fully completed request forms should be returned in person, or mailed to University of Pittsburgh Panther Service Center, Litchfield Towers Lobby, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, ATTN: Vending Administration. The Panther Service Center is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Request forms will be reviewed by the University within three weeks of receipt. Vendors will be notified of the University's decision and, if approved, will receive written confirmations of approved locations and dates. These written confirmations will act as permits and must be maintained at the vending locations at all times.

The new policies state that:

• Eight spaces will be made available for vendors outside the Wiliam Pitt Union;

• In situations where more than eight vendors apply for the available spaces, judgments will be made on how well each vendor is able to meet student needs;

• Vendors will be subject to a background check and required to satisfy adequate insurance requirements;

• Vendors must utilize the uniform, sturdy, and attractive vending tables provided by the University;

• Vending is permitted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. only;

• Signage and displays for advertising purposes are not permitted without prior written approval. All vendors must display prices clearly. If services are being sold, vendors must also clearly display and provide full disclosure of terms and policies;

• Vendors must agree to a "no aggressive sales" approach when displaying or selling goods and services;

• Credit card and cell phone companies (and any other company designated by the University) must hand out a "How to maintain good credit" brochure with any blank application;

• Vendors are not permitted to sell or distribute any food or beverage items without prior written approval; and

• The daily cost to vendors who sell goods and merchandise will be $60 per day. Vendors involved in the sale of services will be charged on a sliding scale, depending on the time of year that vending takes place. The schedule is as follows: $200 per day during orientation, $200 per day during the first week of classes, $175 per day during the second week, $150 per day the third week, $125 per day the fourth week, and $100 per day for the balance of the academic year.