University of Pittsburgh
June 19, 2003

Pitt Hosts Middle School Bioscience Camp

Contact:  412-624-4147

PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh is encouraging children's natural curiosity about science by allowing them to experience it firsthand by hosting the fifth annual Middle School Bioscience Camp at the Carnegie Science Center June 23-28. The camp, run by Pitt's Department of Biological Sciences, is for students entering sixth grade who are interested in biology.

"This camp will provide students with the opportunity to explore science through hands-on activities that are not only educational, but fun as well," said Cheryl Riccobelli, assistant outreach coordinator at Pitt. "The camp transforms science from an abstract concept in a textbook into a process in which students can actively participate and become successful. Camp participants will learn how to be good observers of the world around them, how to ask questions, and how to use the scientific method to find answers to their questions."

During the camp, the students will take field trips to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium and to West Park. The students also will see an Omnimax movie, conduct experiments with earthworms, and learn about birds, reptiles, and amphibians through visits by working scientists from the National Aviary and from Pitt's biological sciences department.

Pitt biological sciences staff members Alison Slinskey Legg, outreach coordinator, Cheryl Riccobelli, assistant outreach coordinator, and Courtney Rod, a senior biological sciences major, will lead the camp.

The middle schools participating in this year's camp include Allegheny Traditional Academy, Manchester Elementary, and Paynter Elementary.

Students from Allegheny Traditional Academy include Chauncey Alexander, Haley Copich, Martika Cook, Anton DeFade, John Dubensky, Zevead Gharib, and Stephen Karas.

Manchester Elementary students participating include Patrick McClung and LaShawn Monroe.

Participants from Paynter Elementary include Megan Conley, Zachary Grant, Mackenzie Johnson, Haylie Parkinson, Jacob Pulsifer, and Sean Varley.

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