University of Pittsburgh
October 28, 2003

Pitt to Host Local "Diplomats" Nov. 3 At Seventh Annual Model United Nations Simulation


PITTSBURGH—On the heels of an historic visit from United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, nearly 400 students from 34 high schools throughout Western Pennsylvania will convene at the University of Pittsburgh Nov. 3 to take part in Pitt's Seventh Annual Model United Nations (Model UN) Simulation.

The Model UN will be in session from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. in the William Pitt Union, 3959 Fifth Ave., Oakland. The event is sponsored by Pitt's University Center for International Studies, the World Federalist Association of Pittsburgh, and the United Nations Association of Pittsburgh.

The Model UN gives students the opportunity to assume the role of diplomats as they participate in mock sessions of the United Nations General Assembly committees, the Security Council, the World Health Organization, and the African Union.

"The objective is for the student participants to arrive at resolutions through cooperation and negotiation that will then be presented to the General Assembly at the end of the day," said Roz Eannnarino, outreach coordinator for Pitt's Center for Latin American Studies who is responsible for registration and facilities for Model UN.

Acting as representatives for a member nation, students will debate such issues as the prevention and reduction of small-arms trade, water rights, domestic violence, the purpose and effectiveness of peacekeeping missions, AIDS education, global response to epidemic outbreaks, children in armed conflict, and the implementation of the New Partnership for African Development's environmental objectives.

Awards will be presented to individual students who demonstrate the ability to realistically present the positions of the countries they represent. School delegations also will be recognized for outstanding performances.

Members of Pitt's Model UN club were involved in planning the event and will serve as Secretary-General, committee chairs, and U.N. staff during the simulation.

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