University of Pittsburgh
March 21, 2016

Pitt Hits the Road

Students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends visit Harrisburg on March 22 to stress the importance of the University

Joe Miksch


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PITTSBURGH—Pitt Day in Harrisburg is an annual opportunity for University of Pittsburgh stakeholders to stress the importance and accomplishments of the University to legislators and other thought leaders. This year, in the face of the ongoing budget stalemate, the stakes are higher than usual.

Sponsored by the Pitt Alumni Association, in conjunction with the University’s Office of Community and Government Relations, Pitt Day includes meetings with legislators and a legislative reception, hosted by Chancellor Patrick Gallagher.

The primary objective for Pitt Day in Harrisburg 2016 is to urge an end to the state budget crisis and to ask Pennsylvania lawmakers to act immediately and decisively to pass the funding bill for Pitt and the other state-related universities.

Since July 2015, the University has received no state funding for the current fiscal year, leaving Pitt without nearly $150 million in state funding—an amount equal to about 15 percent of the University’s annual education budget. The University is facing a growing concern that it will not receive any state appropriation for the 2015-16 year, making this a critical time for lawmakers to hear from Pitt supporters. The University encourages everyone to visit to learn more about the issue, register for Pitt Day in Harrisburg, and write to lawmakers.

E.J. Milarski-Veenis, office and budget coordinator for the Pitt Alumni Association, says, “Speaking from experience as someone who has attended Pitt Day, I think it is important for staff and faculty to attend to show our students that we are all a part of the family environment at this institution and we are standing by their side in solidarity as we go to the Capitol and support the cause for the good of the University.”