University of Pittsburgh
January 3, 2001


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PITTSBURGH, Jan. 3 -- Continuing to recognize the need for middle and high school teachers to develop comprehensive curricula about East Asia, the University of Pittsburgh again has joined with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and the National Consortium for Teaching Asia (NCTA) to offer free for those who qualify an intense, 30-hour seminar, "East Asia: Themes and Strategies for Effective Teaching."

Designed for teachers of world cultures, world history, geography, economics, and literature, the seminar will be taught by Diana Marston Wood, associate director of Pitt's Asian Studies Program, along with faculty from Pittsburgh area colleges and teachers within the region. Teachers who attend the seminar are not assumed or required to have any previous background in Asia.

"This seminar will provide teachers with both the content and resources needed to implement the study of East Asia into their curriculum in accordance with the Pennsylvania academic standards, as well as the geography and world history standards," said Wood. "While the overall framework is historical, there is a heavy emphasis on literature. The seminar's approach is both interdisciplinary and designed to provide a forum for demonstrating effective East Asian curriculum materials."

Each participating teacher will receive $200 worth of books for use in the course and additional $800 toward the purchase of teaching materials for his or her school and personal use. After completing the seminar, teachers will again meet for two follow up sessions during the next Fall semester to share experiences and plans for integrating Asian materials into their courses.

If participating teachers wish to earn Pennsylvania State Act 48 credit, a payment of $30 to the AIU is required upon completion of the course. Pitt graduate credit also is available, at regular tuition rates.

The seminar will be offered on selected Wednesdays (5-8 p.m.) and Saturdays

(9 a.m. - 12 p.m.), from Jan. 20 through April 28 at the University of Pittsburgh, 2K56 Posvar Hall (formerly the Forbes Quadrangle Building), 230 S. Bouquet Street, according to the following schedule:

• Saturday, January 20

The importance of geography in understanding East Asia

• Wednesday, January 31

The philosophical underpinnings of East Asia

• Saturday, February 10

The foundations of urban civilization and the growth of


• Wednesday, February 21

Global trade patterns and their influence on relations between East Asia and the West

• Saturday, March 3

A focus on Japan's "feudal" period with particular attention to the flourishing of literature, theater, and other cultural developments

• Wednesday, March 14

The Western intrusion into Asia; reasons for it, and the contrasting responses of China, Japan, and Korea (Part I)

• Wednesday, March 28

The Western intrusion into Asia: reasons for it, and the contrasting responses of China, Japan, and Korea (Part II)

• Wednesday, April 4

Two isms and their impact on East Asia: Imperialism and Communism

• Saturday, April 21

Political and strategic forces important to post World War II East Asia

• Saturday, April 28

The importance of economic factors to East Asian-world relations

Free parking is available at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Garage.

The Pittsburgh seminar is one site among many throughout the United States under the umbrella of NCTA; however, Pittsburgh is the only location in Pennsylvania where a NCTA seminar is offered.

The seminar is sponsored by the Asian Studies Program of the University Center for International Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, and the Consortium for Teaching Asia, a national program funded by The Freeman Foundation.

Anyone wishing to obtain a registration form or more information should call 412-648-7411.

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