University of Pittsburgh
September 16, 1999


Contact:  412-624-4147

Frederick Koloc, director of the University of Pittsburgh College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center, died Thursday, September 16. He was 58.

Dr. Koloc received his Bachelors in American Civilization from Brown University in 1963. He earned his M.A. in English Literature and Ph.D. in American Literature at the University of Pittsburgh. First employed at the University in 1965 as a graduate student advisor, Dr. Koloc spent the next

29 years as the CAS Advising Center director. In this capacity, he served under six CAS deans and associate deans. His administrative experience included two appointments as administrative dean on Semester at Sea and two as assistant to the academic dean/registrar. In addition to his exemplary administrative and advising service to the College, Dr. Koloc had extensive teaching experience in the Pitt English Department as well as the CAS Freshman Orientation Program.

Dr. Koloc also participated in numerous University committees related to student academic success and campus socialization.

"Fred was an essential part of this institution and a devoted champion of students," said Beverly Harris-Schenz, associate dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. "He will be deeply missed by all."

As director of the CAS Advising Center, Dr. Koloc supervised a staff of 36 advisors, 3 staff members, and 4 work-study students. His office is responsible for providing advisement to the largest undergraduate unit on the Pitt campus. His position required an extensive knowledge of the College and the University, as well as close interaction with faculty, staff, and administrators across the University. He worked closely with departmental advisors and department chairs, and was responsible for advising the associate dean on the coordination and oversight of the CAS part-time instructional budget. During his years as director, Dr. Koloc developed the advising process at Pitt that has served as the prototype for advising at many institutions around the country.

Dr. Koloc's death will leave a void in the University of Pittsburgh community for a long time to come. He was a central figure on committees too numerous to mention. Dr. Koloc has been described by many colleagues as the "hub" of the College of Arts and Sciences. The wisdom and insights he had gained from three decades of teaching, advising, and personal contacts with undergraduates and their parents were sought after by every school and department on campus. His personal qualities of patience, compassion, wit, and sincerity graced any effort of which he was a part. He was always willing to listen, looked for the positive in any given situation, and was able to bring out the best in students, staff, administrators, and faculty. What made Dr. Koloc such a wonderful asset was that he realized the importance of individuals to the University.

In his 29 year tenure as director of the CAS Advising Center, Dr. Koloc fostered an atmosphere in which students and staff were encouraged to excel academically, professionally, and personally. His style of leadership set an example of collegiality, open-mindedness, high ethical standards, and respect. Angele Ellis, a former student at the University of Pittsburgh, once described the Advising Center under Dr. Koloc, as an "oasis of compassion." He was greatly admired and loved by his staff.

He is survived by his wife, Brenda Smith, two sons, Tom and Nathaniel Koloc, one daughter, Molly Tripp, and granddaughter, Erin J. Tripp, mother, Helen, sisters, Linda, Virginia and Nancy, and one brother, Richard.