University of Pittsburgh
November 7, 2006

Increased Applications, Strong Academic Credentials Highlight University of Pittsburgh's Class of 2010

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PITTSBURGH--The number of freshman applicants to the University of Pittsburgh's Pittsburgh campus continues to climb, and as evidenced by the class of 2010, the academic credentials of incoming freshmen remain outstandingly high, the University announced today.

Freshman applications for this fall's entering class reached a total of 18,195, slightly more than the 18,153 applications received for the freshman class that entered in fall 2005, and a 133 percent increase in applications since 1995. This year's freshman class numbers 3,420, roughly five percent more than last year's 3,249 incoming freshmen, and 41 percent more than 1995. Students from 41 states, the District of Columbia, and eight foreign countries comprise Pitt's class of 2010. In addition, 10 percent of the incoming freshmen are Black.

"These numbers reflect the increased recognition by high school seniors of the University of Pittsburgh's academic excellence," said James V. Maher, provost and senior vice chancellor at Pitt. "Our commitment to excellence in education is recognized not only locally, but nationally, and that is evident by the superior quality of students seeking degrees here."

The number of students graduating in the top 10 percent of their high school classes remained constant from 2005, at 43 percent, while the number in the top 20 percent declined modestly, from 74 percent in 2005 to 72 percent this fall. The mid-50 percent Scholastic Aptitude Test range for incoming freshman remained unchanged from 2005, 1150-1310. This range indicates that 25 percent of the incoming class had scores higher than 1310, and 25 percent had scores lower than 1150.

The SAT range represents a substantial increase from 1995, when the weighted range was 1010-1200. (The College Board recentered its test scores in 1995, and this range reflects the recentered scores, making it comparable to subsequent years.)

Improved facilities, including new residence halls and the Petersen Events Center, as well as the prominence of the Honors College have helped keep the number of applications on the rise while maintaining the academic credentials of incoming freshmen.

Pitt student and alumni volunteers have also been instrumental in the University's successful recruiting.

The Pitt Pathfinders is an organization of 148 student volunteers who participate in 26 on-campus programs, including conducting campus tours, hosting prospective student overnight visits, and recruiting students from their home areas. This past year, the Pathfinders personally called every admitted student as part of the recruitment process.

The Pitt Alumni Recruitment Team (PART) consists of 1,757 members in 45 states and the District of Columbia. PART members serve as University representatives in their home states; they participated in 717 programs last year.

In addition, Pitt's Faculty Admissions Support Team (FAST) allows prospective students to sit in on classes and arranges for individual meetings with FAST members.

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