University of Pittsburgh
June 25, 2013

Broadband in All of Pennsylvania’s Corners

PennREN now connects Pitt researchers with colleagues statewide through affordable access to high-speed broadband service
Members will celebrate the project’s completion through a June 26-27 conference
Contact:  412-624-4147

PITTSBURGH—Researchers, educators, and health care providers at the University of Pittsburgh can now more easily conduct collaborative research with statewide colleagues at such campuses as the University of Scranton and Bucknell University thanks to the completion of the Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN).

The three-year project, spearheaded by the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER), was funded by a $99.6-million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the purpose of building a network with 1,600 miles of broadband services across 50 counties in Pennsylvania. KINBER’s research network joins 38 other state research networks across the country (including Pennsylvania’s surrounding states) that now deliver high- bandwidth networking services to support regional economic development.

The University of Pittsburgh is a charter member of KINBER and has been actively engaged in the establishment of PennREN, which provides member institutions—such as universities and colleges, K-12 schools, libraries, and hospitals—with competitively priced networking services. Now Pitt’s faculty members can easily share information and data with other state researchers by way of the network rather than through the postal service or commuting to another institution.

“This high-speed, high-capacity network is an important addition to Pennsylvania and to the University’s technology resources and will provide new opportunities for collaborations with researchers and colleagues across the state,” said Jinx Walton, Pitt’s chief information officer.

To celebrate the completion of PennREN, KINBER members and the public are invited to attend the annual membership meeting Wednesday, June 26, and Thursday, June 27, in Pitt’s University Club (123 University Place, Oakland), and Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center (100 Lytton Ave., Oakland), respectively.

The conference will bring together Pennsylvania leaders in education, health care, economic development, and technology to share ideas and success stories about PennREN, as well as celebrate the success of PennREN’s completed construction. Interested participants can register here.

PennREN provides advanced data networking to nonprofit organizations across 50 counties in Pennsylvania. The network provides realistic high-definition video, real-time videoconferencing, and data sharing for users in education, research, health care, workforce development, and government and economic development. The collaborative environment also provides opportunities for member institutions to share best practices, content, and programs.

KINBER is a nonprofit membership organization comprising education, health care, and public media organizations devoted to fostering collaboration through technology. It was established in 2010 through a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. KINBER is committed to delivering equitable, reliable, and affordable access, space for collaboration, and digital tools for research and education to inspire tomorrow's scientific discoveries, enable the exchange of ideas and culture among diverse populations, educate the next generation of citizens, and revitalize Pennsylvania’s economy. To see a full list of KINBER’s member institutions, click here.