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Pitt paleontologist wants to limit the genus Homo to Homo sapiens 10 hours 35 min ago Yes
Pitt study: TV watching may be making you fat 10 hours 36 min ago Yes
Pitt Study Finds Obesity, Violence Linked To TV Viewing 10 hours 37 min ago Yes
Beware! TV hours can add to your body weight 10 hours 38 min ago Yes
Genetic Ancestry Partially Explains A Racial Sleep Difference 10 hours 40 min ago Yes
Reduction in television viewing may cut injury risk in individuals with hostile personality traits 10 hours 42 min ago Yes
Watching excessive T.V. can result in obesity in young adults 12 hours 22 min ago Yes
Watching TV linked to subsequent obesity for young adults 12 hours 23 min ago Yes
Young Adulthood TV Time Can Predict Future Obesity 12 hours 24 min ago Yes
Summer Solstice Shines in Pitt Faculty Multimedia Installation at Frick Fine Arts Building 1 day 9 hours ago Yes
Pitt Study Finds Link Between Obesity, Stillbirth 1 day 10 hours ago Yes
Religion, physicians and surrogate decision-makers in the intensive care unit 1 day 11 hours ago Yes
Television viewing linked to higher injury risk in hostile people 1 day 11 hours ago Yes
Watching more TV as a young adult predicts obesity 1 day 11 hours ago Yes
Too Much TV? New Findings Detail Health Risks 1 day 14 hours ago Yes
God is touchy topic in ICU, Pitt study finds 2 days 21 min ago Yes
Religion rarely part of ICU conversation 2 days 21 min ago Yes
Timing And Context Are Determining Factors For Deal-Based Campaigns 2 days 21 min ago Yes
Too Much TV: Obesity Isn't the Only Health Risk 2 days 21 min ago Yes
Pitt study finds location-based marketing a mixed bag 3 days 21 min ago Yes
Potential drug therapy for tinnitus found 3 days 21 min ago Yes
American Statistical Association Presents Prestigious Founders Award to Pitt Public Health Professor 4 days 7 hours ago Yes
What new leaders of Pittsburgh's colleges, universities have planned for their schools 4 days 13 hours ago Yes
Federal law agencies powerful local asset 4 days 13 hours ago Yes
Obesity May Be Linked to Greater Risk of Stillbirth 4 days 13 hours ago Yes